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Bulk SMS Software - Multi-Device Edition

Bulk SMS software (Multi-Device Edition) helps you to send thousands of text messages from your GSM mobile phones connected to PC. Mobile messaging program provides facility to connect multiple GSM technology based mobiles with computer for sending bulk text SMS over worldwide location.

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Bulk SMS Software - Multi-Device Edition Connection wizard Screenshots

Wizard shows Connected Device List, select particular COM Port to view corresponding
device details like COM Port Details, Manufacturer, Model and Revision.

Multi-Device Edition Quota Management Screenshots

If you want to manage multi devices to send SMS, select "click here Quota Management" option.

Multi-Device Software Delayed Delivery options Screenshots

After selecting mobile device, choose options like Delayed Delivery, Exclusion Rules, Save Sent Items etc as per your need.

What make this software so useful :

Advanced Features :

Connect with different people across the world with Bulk SMS Software for GSM mobile phones:

Bulk SMS software for Multi GSM mobile phones provide facility to communicate with different people across the world via sending them unlimited text SMS.

Offers inbuilt list wizard feature:

Mobile messaging program provides advanced inbuilt list wizard option to maintain list of contact numbers for sending group text SMS.

Saves your sent messages details:

GSM mobile texting solution is useful business marketing app that successfully saves sent text message details which can be viewed later whenever required.

Provide attractive GUI interface:

Group SMS broadcasting tool provides Interactive GUI interface with inbuilt help manual so that non technical users can easily operate the software without any expert’s guidance.

Software is beneficial for sending :

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