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Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones

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Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones developed to send mass SMS from Computer PC to other mobile phones using BlackBerry mobile phone within no time. Prominent text messaging tool sends sms including personal and official from any system to multiple user’s cell phones. Text messaging software is used to send customized sms and helps to keep in touch with the business customers, clients, vendors etc for performing trade activities. Instant communication technology that enables to send mass messages including business offers, personalized messages, job alert and event notification, seasonal greetings, sales notifications, promotional campaigns, reminders etc to global mobile phone users. Group text messaging utility is a communication medium for sharing messages among multiple group of people immediately and is used in common sectors like Retail, Airlines, Real estate, Education, Media, Entertainment, Logistics, Insurance, Banking, Travel agencies, Healthcare, IT and BPO, Clubs, Societies, Investment firms, Government, Automotive Industries, Mobile Campaign and other useful areas. Group text messaging software for blackberry mobile phones create and send bulk SMS mass business message broadcasting utility free demo download.

Price: $45

Screenshots Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones

Bulk SMS Software for BlackBerry Mobile Phones Connection Wizard Screenshots

Currently establishing connection between phone and PC, selected device details is showing in Wizard, click on “Use Selected Device to send SMS” for sending SMS.

Bulk SMS Software for Blackberry Mobile Phones Delay Delivery Option Screenshots

Choose any one 'Import and Composing Options', then select other options like Delayed Delivery, Exclusion Rules, Save Sent Item etc according to your need.

Bulk Sms Software for Blackberry Mobile Phones Sms Sending process Screenshots

Wizard is showing "SMS Sending Process". You can also view 'Template Message List' by clicking on 'View Template' button.

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